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How to put bearshare songs music to iTunes

I downloaded some WMA songs from Bearshare, however, I cannot put them on my iTunes? I tried to convert the bearshare songs to iTunes format, but they are DRM protected, so is there any way to remove drm from bearshare so I can get it on to my iPod?

The wma subscription music from bearshare contains audio files with high compression rate like CD, It has the DRM license copy protection which works great in playsForSure compatible MP3 player like Zune, Sansa Fuze, Sony Walkman, etc , but it is necessary to convert bearshare protected wma to mp3 or AAC , etc common audio format, which are generally more widely used with your iTunes iPod iPhone iPad and other incompatible mp3 playey, now, let’s see how to and transfer songs music from bearshare to iTunes.

Note: You can load the songs in Windows Media Player, use DVD burning tool like Nero to burn the drm wma file to an audio CD and then rip to mp3 with iTunes, however, it may lose some audio quality and is not applicable to multiple music files.

What's BearShare
Bearshare is a file sharing program, which allow you, your friends, and everyone in the world to share files. the built on Gnutella technology provides a simple, easy to use interface, combines a powerful contact and search engine, which offers paid music downloads in the DRM WMA format as well as free content in various formats, mostly MP3. The free content is shared by users and is automatically verified by BearShare. However, for the DRM protected WMA music in Bearshare, if you want to transfer these bearshare tracks to iTunes or other MP3 player, you have to remove bearshare DRM and unprotect wma files protection first.

How to convert bearshare wma music to mp3 and get bearshare songs to itunes for iPod iPhone iPad

What you need is a Music DRM Removal and audio converter software – Aimersoft Music Converter. Below is the detailed guide step by step:

1 Free download this Music Converter install and run it.

2 when come to the main interface, you can directly drag-drop target songs to the file conversion window, or click the "Add" button to import the protected bearshare wma files.

convert bearshare music to mp3 for itunes

3 Choose the format you'd like to get. There is a list of output audio formats. If you want to play bearshare music in iTunes and your iPod mp3 player or your cell phone, I highly recommend you to select "MP3".

4 And then click the start button to begin bearshare DRM Removal, and later the bearshare files are DRM-free and changed to mp3 format. You can view your output files by press the "find target" button.

5 Now we can easily put bearshare songs to iPod iPhone iPad with the sync of iTunes.

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