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How to burn BBC iPlayer downloaded programs to DVD

The programs TV Shows Movie downloaded from BBC iPlayer have DRM license protection which means those files would expire after a time. If left unwatched, they would expire 30 days after download, but once you start viewing them, they would expire after 7 days, so if you want to keep BBC iPlayer permanently on PC for later viewing or watching it on the television, the best way is to burn BBC iPlayer downloaded programs to DVD disc, however, DRM would still be on them, then there're jobs (removing BBC iPlayer files DRM) need to be done before burnning BBC iPlayer programs to DVD. Here I will share a quick way to achieve this with a few clicks.

The Solution
What you need is a DRM Removal and DVD Buner Software - Video Converter Ultimate is such a perfect combination of DRM Removal, DVD Creator, DVD Ripper, Video Converter, Video Downloader, Device transfer, stream video downloader, this powerful software can easily remove DRM from BBC iPlayer downloaded programs and burn BBC iPlayer files to DVD directly, plus, it also can convert DVD Video, download or record Video from Youtube, hulu, google video, etc and convert those files to all popular media player, even transfer media files to output device with one click.

Instruction to burn BBC iPlayer downloaded programs to DVD:

Part 1. Strip BBC iPlayer DRM
Step 1. Free Download Video Converter Ultimate, install and start operation, then click"Add Video" button or drag-drop source files or Choose "Add Video files" option under the "file" drop-down menu to import BBC iPlayer downloaded programms to the conversion window.

Step 2. Set the output format for the video by clicking "Profile". There are tons of formats for you to choose.

Advcaned users can click "setting" to choose output format you like, as well as the "Bit Rate" and " Sample Rate", if you have outstanding flavor on the output sound quality.

Step 3. When go through the first 2 steps, hit 'start' button to the conversion process. conversion will be soon done, then you go with DRM-free BBC iPlayer programs in high quality.

Part 2. Burn BBC iPlayer files to DVD
After DRM is stripped from BBC iPlayer Movie, you can go ahead to copy BBC iPlayer programs to DVD with Video Converter Ultimate, you can insert DVD +R (DVD-R, DVD+RW or DVD-RW), then click"Burn" button to open DVD burnning window, add DRM-free BBC iPlayer files you want to burn.

Click "Menu" to customize DVD menu. There are different styles of built-in templates, frames and buttons for your choice. You can even add menu label, background music and background picture to DIY menu.

Then click "next" and set the disc label, output DVD folder, TV standard and DVD drive (if you have more than one DVD drive on Computer). Click "Burn", Video Converter Ultimate will automatically Burn BBC iPlayer downloaded programs to DVD.

Then whether to watch BBC iPlayer programs on the TV or to play BBC iPlayer programs on home DVD player, you'll be always on your own way!

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