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How to transfer iTunes songs to Sony Walkman

Sony Walkman is a powerful multimedia player with huge harddrive affordable for thousands of music on the go, while seriously, Have you ever thought --- Wouldn't it be a great idea to get iTunes music, weather bought by yourself or shared from your friends' iPod, on your gigantic Sony Walkman? Here this guide is just written for you to learn how to put iTunes music on Sony Walkman step by step, please just take your time!

The unprotected AAC music in your iTunes library (music you ripped from CD or bought from iTunes Plus) can be converted to mp3 and moved to whatever music player you'll be using. You can do this in iTunes by going to edit > Preferences > Advanced > Importing and changing the files to MP3. Once you've done that, you can select all the common music, go to the advanced menu and choose "Convert selection to MP3" It will take a while, but once it's done, you can locate that music in the windows explorer (it's usually in the "My Music" folder) and load it into your sony walkman, just connect your mp3 player to your computer by usb, and then find your music folder in the Sony walkman's files. then open iTunes, select the songs you want, and drag them into the folder. done.

However, Most music(m4p) you purchased from the iTunes online store had DRM license protection and can't be played anywhere but in iTunes or on an iPod. you can bypass iTunes songs DRM by rippping these tracks to CD, what you need to do for those is burn a regular audio cd with those protected music, and then rip them back onto your hard drive in mp3 format. How many cds and how long that will take depends on how much purchased music you have.

As a more efficient way, here we can turn to the third party tool to remove DRM and convert iTunes protected songs to mp3 for playback on Sony walkman, this program supports batch music conversion that can help you change a bunch of iTunes protected songs in a few minutes then you can easily transfer songs from iTunes to Walkman.

Step 1. Free Download DRM Protected Music Converter, run and install it:

itunes to sony walkman

1. Import files
Launch the iTunes to Sonywalkman converter. Click “Add” and then select the iTunes music files you wanna convert.

2. Select the output format
Click "Convert to" drop down box and select MP3 (*.mp3) as the output format.

3. Start the conversion
Click “Start” when everything is set, and then the program will complete the conversion for you.

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