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Record music from internet radio to mp3 with Internet Radio Recorder

Streaming Audio Recorder, an easy-to –use internet radio recorder, which can not only record internet radio, but can also record internet to MP3, AAC, AC3, etc. And those most popular internet radio stations are also available, such as XM Radio, AOL Radio, BBC Radio, Shoutcast radio, iTunes Radio, etc.

This Internet Radio Recorder is your best choice to record internet radio to mp3 files. With a sensitive sniffer, it can detect and record any playing radio shows, and then save them on your hard disc one by one.

Why choose internet radio recorder to record internet radio?

Internet radio recorder is the best choice to record internet radio to MP3 files. So what are the advantages of streaming audio recorder?

1. Internet Radio Recorder supports any popular internet radio station all over the world

This Tool is able to record internet radio from more than 27,000 online radio stations all over the world, including XM Radio, AOL Radio, iTunes Radio, Last.fm, BBC Radio, etc. So with an internet radio recorder, you can download hundreds of free songs on these online radio stations every few hours and enjoy offline at anytime.

2.Advanced technology helps you to record internet radio into mp3 with 1:1 quality

To record internet radio into MP3, Internet Radio Recorder works with an independent virtual sound card. So it can detect and record any sound directly from our PC sound card in the background. What you hear is what you will get without any audio quality loss.

3.Automatically Split radio melody to pieces during recording

When you recording internet radio to MP3, this internet radio recorder can automatically split all radio melody one by one. For instance, record internet radio shows for an hour, and you can get nearly 30 MP3 files. Of course, you can manually cut audio files into subsections as you like. What’s more, the embedded timer can free you away when it works on preset recording duration.

4.Customize your recording task at will

In “Preset”, you can schedule your recording task by setting “Stop time” or “Recording Length”. Internet Radio Recorder can follow this recording schedule to record internet radio melody for you in the background. What’s more convenient, you can set our streaming audio recorder to “Turn off your computer” after finishing the recordings.

5.Edit ID3 tags freely

For each recorded song, you can edit ID3 tags like title, artist, album, genre to make your own music library as you like. Add the output files to Winamp, you can get all music track information displayed automatically.

If you want to record internet radio, Streaming Audio Recorder, such a powerful internet radio recorder will never let you down. It can record internet radio to MP3, AAC, WMA… You just cannot miss it.

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