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How to get iTunes movie music onto blackberry playbook

Why can't iTunes music video play back on Playbook
Reason 1:Blackberry Playbook suports audio files of WMA, MP3, AAC and Video files of 3GP, MP4, WMV format, while iTunes store supplies music in M4A, protected M4P, AAC and video in DRM M4V format.

Reason 2: All music and Video sold through iTunes store uses the Apple FairPlay system that restricts the use of the downloads. that means, those iTunes files can only be playbed on iPod and cannot be transferred to media players made by other manufacturers, such as Blackberry, Samsung, Sony or HTC, etc.

How to get iTunes songs Video on Playbook
For songs, there is a free way to disable iTunes songs DRM: just burn your tracks to CD then rip it to your computer as mp3 format using iTunes, then you can transfer it to playbook. It waites time and can use a lot of cd's if you have multiple songs that want to play on Blackberry Playbook

The Movies also have to be converted, so, to put songs movie from iTunes to blackberry playbook, My advice is to use a third party application - DRM Converter for help to remove iTunes drm and convert iTunes protected m4p m4a aac music m4v video to playbook supported format.

Step 1. Free Download DRM Converter, run and install it:

itunes to playbook converter

Step 2. click "Add" to import copyright protected iTunes downloads you want to convert to the software(you can right click on a media file in iTunes, select "Get Info", and it will tell you where on your computer that file is located)

Step 3. Choose the target output format, MP4 and MP3 is better choice when playing movies songs on blackberry playbook in full-screen. you also can open"setting" panel to adjust output video audio options.

Step 4. After finishing above steps, you can click "Start" to start convert iTunes music Video to Playbook. When the conversion progress reaches 100%, the DRM on iTunes is stripped and media conversion is done, then just connect your playbook to your computer with usb cord and sync your converted iTunes files to your Blackberry device.

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