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How to Manage iPod content with Realplayer 11

So far, Apple iPod with stylish appearance and excellent sound quality is liked by the young people's favorite, as the iPod prices is more approachable, more people prefer to use iPod as portable music player. But every time you need iTunes to add and remove songs for iPod, makes some users without installing iTunes feel very inconvenient. don't worry, you may have the known RealPlayer player, this player is very familiar to many users. Latest RealPlayer 11 is upgraded with some amazing features: besides powerful video, music playing features, another special functions is iPod music Video management function. how to use it? let me use iPod mini as example to show how to manage iPod with RealPlayer 11

Tools we need:
Realplayer 11

Step 1. After connect iPod with computer, click "burn/transfer" button on the RealPlayer.

Step 2. RealPlayer will automatically recognize iPod portable device, Apple iPod options will appear in the "the current burner/device" drop-down list.

Step 3. Select Apple iPod devices, then you will be taken to iPod management interface immediately in Realyplayer. which is very simple and practical, even if you're used to use iTunes to manage iPod, you also do not feel strange for this interface.

Step 4. User can manage items according to music, artist, album, genre, etc, which is similar with the iTunes classification.

Step 5. Then let's look at how to upload and delete songs to iPod as well as change song information in RealPlayer 11
Music upload: here are two ways to upload music to iPod
1. Upload songs through the RealPlayer media library
Selecting "files"- "add files to my media library " in RealPlayer toolbar, choose your favourite songs from computer to load to media library and then manage these tracks with Realplayer.

Then right click select songs, select "send to Apple iPod" in pop-up menu , music will automatically imported to iPod player.

2. The easy way is to directly drag local music to RealPlayer music management interface to upload songs to iPod.

Delete Music : After RealPlayer regonises iPod device, right click the selected songs, choose "delete" option, you can quickly remove the songs from the iPod.

Modify Song information: it's not complicated to modify the MP3 ID, right-click the selected both the single or mutiple songs, choose "Edit Clip Info" in the pop-up dialog box, you can modify the info immediately.

Tha's all, isn't easy, just choose the way you like!

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