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How to put iTunes Music songs to non iPod MP3 Player

Q 1: Can we now just transfer the song purchased from iTunes to another non iPod player ?
All songs on the iTunes Store are now available at 256kbps AAC encoding, which Apple says is virtually indistinguishable from the original recordings, Yes, but only if that player supports AAC , Obviously, iPods do, and some other players do as well, like the Sony Walkman, the Archos and Microsoft Zune,etc But, if you want to play the music on other players that not support AAC, you need to find a musici converter to convert AAC to MP3 which can be accepted by almost all music players.

Q 2: what about the previously purchased iTunes tracks, these music files still have DRM that don't work in my non-Apple devices. How can I convert them to DRM-free files? can I upgrade them?
Of course, and Apple is offering users a way to upgrade all of their existing music to DRM-free songs. Upgrading costs 30 cents per song. If you upgrade an entire album, it will cost 30 percent of the original album price and music videos can be upgraded for 60 cents. You can get to this upgrade link on the iTunes Store by clicking on "Upgrade to iTunes Plus."

But, if you purchased a lot of 99-cent tracks on iTunes over the years and want to find an more efficient way to remove the DRM, you can also try this music converter, of cause it should be an DRM remover too, it can batch convert your itunes songs to mp3 for playback on non iPod MP3 player

First, download DRM Music converter and install it.

AAC to MP3 Converter

Then, you can use it to convert iTunes music to MP3 and remove DRM with three clicks.
1. Click “Add” to load iTunes files with the postfix .M4A (unprotected) or M4P. (copy-protected).
2. Click “drop-download” list at the bottom to select output format.
3. Click “start” to start conversion
And you can drag and drop all your music files to this music converter at a time, then do something else till it is finished, after conversion finished, you can directly transfer the converted itunes files to your non Apple device.
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